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Welcome to Frydae. I created this blog as a space where my passion for great food could come alive. In the kitchen, I love to experiment and try new things believing that life is too short and the world is too big to limit yourself to only what you know. Through this blog, I hope to inspire others to step outside their comfort zone and try something new the next time they’re in their kitchen.

Food wasn’t always my passion. If we’re being completely honest my first love was dinosaurs—but that’s another story. Growing up, I was definitely not an adventurous eater. Up until I was twelve, I was in a committed relationship with chicken nuggets and Kraft macaroni and you couldn’t pay me to eat anything with spices or heavy seasonings. It wasn’t until I discovered Food Network that I decided to broaden my horizons when it came to food. Shows like Emeril Live, 30-Minute Meals and Everyday Italian made cooking look fun and exposed me to delicious-looking foods I had never heard of. They encouraged me to check out cookbooks from the library, get in the kitchen and be creative. They inspired me.

Today, I’m that person that will choose the weirdest sounding thing on the menu even if I’m not 100 percent sure about it. I like to go into every meal with an open mind because sometimes the best things come into your life when you try things that make you feel a little uncomfortable.

That brings us to Frydae. When I was thinking about what to name my blog I wanted to find something that captured the fun spirit of my cooking. I love to experiment with unexpected flavors and find new ways to revamp the classic dishes everyone grew up eating. Ever since I was little, Friday was always one of my favorite days of the week when it came to food. It was a day when my family would often treat ourselves to a meal out, order pizza, or spend a little extra time to create something special in the kitchen. Frydae is a word I created that pays homage to this special day of the week but also alludes to one of my very favorite unexpectedly delicious flavor combos—french fries and ice cream sundaes (come on, you can’t tell me that you haven’t dipped your fries in a chocolate shake before).

So, here on Frydae, you’ll find everything from a Rueben Lasagna to a chocolate and tequila-infused Drunken Short Rib Chili. Now, that’s not to say everything I share will be out of left field because I’m still that classic Kraft macaroni and cheese kid at heart sometimes too.

Born and raised mostly in the Midwest, I also lived in Colorado for a number of years when I was growing up. While the Midwest is certainly home, a little piece of my heart will always remain tucked away somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. I currently live in Milwaukee with my husband, daughter, and ugly, lovable mutt named Tyson. Beyond my love of food, I’m also a die-hard Green Bay Packer fan, DIY enthusiast, shopaholic always in search of a great deal and board game collector with a slightly unhealthy Harry Potter obsession.

Thanks for visiting my space. I hope you enjoy!

xo lauren

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